Fisher Price Rock and Play

Fisher Price Rock and Play

Help the New Mommy Stay Sane

You are looking for a gift that the new parents did not get at their shower, but you are having a hard time finding something top notch and useful.  The Fisher Price Rock and Play is highly rated and recommended by moms everywhere.  I know that several of my friends claim that this sleeper has saved their sanity when they could not get their little ones to sleep at night or to stop fussing.

The Rock and Play is a portable sleeper made for newborns.  It is soft and cozy, just like mom's arms.  It is ideal for all babies, but if the baby in question has reflux, this is even more rewarding since it is recommended that babies with reflux sleep inclined.  The sleeper inclines and you can adjust it to suit the baby's needs, so you can make sure they are comfortable.  The sleeper is easily rocked by foot or hand so that mom can always stay nearby and make sure baby is safe, sound and content.

The Rock and Play is made of soft fabric for baby's delicate skin and comes with a little bunny toy with rattle beads for baby's amusement. It is convenient for allowing the baby to sleep in various rooms of the house throughout the day or for travel. 

A few friends of mine have sworn that the Rock and Play has solved all of their babies' sleep problems, allowing them and their babies to be better rested.  Whether you want to give the gift of better sleep or convenience, the Fisher Price Rock and Play is a must buy gift.  I am sure the new parents and new baby will appreciate it!