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Personalized Baby Gifts

Every new baby will receive many, many gifts.  Some are practical, some many only last a few months, and some may fall by the wayside as the baby grows, but there are always a few  sentimental gifts that will be kept and cherished for their lifetime.  Giving a personalized baby gift is a great way to show that you care, and a personalized gift is likely to carry meaning for years to come.  Many parents hand these gifts to their children as they pass into adulthood or have children of their own, and they become part of the family heirloom.
Because of their lasting nature, many personalized baby gifts are sterling silver or silver plated, with baby spoons, and silver ornaments such a baby rattles engraved with the child's name and birth date being popular choices.
Of course that doesn't mean that personalized baby gifts are limited to items that will stand the test of time.  Clothes, bibs and other fun items can be personalized with the intention of bringing a smile to parents, family and friends.

There any many options for personalizing a gift.  The most popular choice is to use the child's name and birthdate, but you can also include a special message or your own name as a way for the child to remember you as he or she grows. A personalization such as 'To baby with love, Auntie Sue' or 'Welcome to the world, from James' are examples of how you can personalize an item even before the baby is born or named.

Here are some other popular personalized gift-giving ideas for new babies:
Birth Certificate Holder Another wonderful baby shower gift is the personalized baby birth certificate pewter holder. This is a magnificent gift to parents so that they may keep their child's birth certificate in it.

Keepsake Frame A personalized keepsake frame that can hold the baby's first picture is a gift that will be kept on show for years to come.  Personalized photo albums are a wonderful new baby gift, giving parents a place to put all of their photos of baby as he grows up.  DB Photo Albums have a beautiful range of unusual photo albums and frames which are hand carved from North American hardwood.  These engraved albums are sure to be treasured and passed from generation to generation.  They also have a beautiful,engraveable, pewter baby album.

Teddy Bears Many babies love to hold and cuddle with a bear. Personalize the bear blanket or sweater with their name.

Piggy Bank Start parents saving for baby's college fund straight away with a personalized piggy bank.  This lovely silver box is from The Engraved Gifts Collection , who also have piggy banks in the shape of cars, trains, teddies and even a tractor.  These pewter finish piggy banks can be personalized with the baby's name and birthdate.

Blanket A personalized blanket is always a welcome gift. New parents love to wrap their baby up in something that's just theirs alone.