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Light the Way for a New Baby

Nightlights are a great gift for new parents.  Regular trips to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the baby's room throughout the night are a way of life for several months, and stumbling around through the darkness in the early hours of the morning can result in many a stubbed toe, or worse.  Leaving a bright lamp or ceiling light on is not only a waste of electricity, but also unlikely to let either the parents or child find any kind of sleeping routine.  Night lights create a soft glow to safely guide new parents around a dark house, and have also been shown to have a comforting effect on infants. One problem with most plug-in variety of night lights is that you are limited to where they can be used.  Battery powered LED nightlights are great because they are completely portable, so they can be placed wherever they are needed most.  They can also be picked up and carried to light the way during any late night journey to baby, and their soft light won't wake anyone else in the house. Lamplust specialise in unique lighting solutions, and they have a lovely range of LED nightlights that are not only functional but beautiful too.