Keep Your Baby Pacified

Keep Your Baby Pacified

Top Pacifiers of 2011


It’s important to encourage growth of your child in all aspects that also includes your child’s teeth, their tongue and jaw. Here are some of the top pacifiers for 2011:


Nuk pacifiers are shaped like a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding and are therefore optimally adapted to the baby’s oral cavity. The Nuk air system releases air and allows the nipple to remain soft and keep its shape. Nuk pacifiers have an orthodontic design that exercises the tongue, palate and jaw and also encourages the development of the child’s teeth.

MAM Air Pacifier:

MAM BPA Free Silicone Air Pacifiers are created by designers and are developed together with dentists and orthodontists. There are a wide variety of sizes created for this pacifier, which lends itself to fitting your child’s mouth – regardless of size.  This pacifier sits perfectly in the baby’s mouth and the asymmetrical nipple design aids in jaw development.

Soothie Pacifier:

These pacifiers are given out at over 2,000 hospitals. The one-piece construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatric guidelines. The silicone used is the highest quality of medical grade and is also latex free.

Avent Orthodontic Translucent Silicone Pacifier:

The Avent Orthodontic Translucent Silicone Pacifier has an orthodontic shape with a small nipple and face place that is suitable for newborns up to three months. The pacifier is naturally designed to ensure the healthy and natural development of teeth and gums. There is a safety snap cap for the nipple when it’s not in use to keep it clean and easy to transport.

Wabbanub Pacifier:

The Wabbanub Pacifier is a little different than the aforementioned in the fact that it has a stuffed animal attached to the pacifier, which makes it very hard to lose. The pacifier is designed to keep it close to your baby without using cords or clips – the child simply hold the stuffed animal. The soothie pacifier is made of medical grade silicone, which is great for those with a latex allergy.