Little Thought of Gifts for Breastfeeding Support

Little Thought of Gifts for Breastfeeding Support

While arguably a gift more suited to Mom, you could say that buying gifts to support breastfeeding is a gift for baby, because it directly benefits him or her.  Breastfeeding can be a struggle sometimes, especially for new moms.  There are certain products that can make the process a little easier, and a gift like this will rank among the most thoughtful a new mother will receive.

Breast Cream
I know, no one likes to talk about boobs, but they are a pretty critical element in the scheme of things.  Help Mom take care of them by getting some high quality cream designed to help prevent chafing and cracking issues associated with breastfeeding.  Lansinoh, a pure lanolin product, is considered the best cream to buy and can be applied three weeks before birth to help toughen things up.

Nursing Pads
One of the less glamorous aspects of breastfeeding is the occasional fluid leakage.  This is an unavoidable part of early breastfeeding as supply and demand strive to get together.  Nursing pads help prevent those leaks from becoming embarrassing problems, and they are also necessary when using a cream such as Lansinoh.  Sure, you can buy some disposable pads that get used once and tossed into a landfill, but you can also buy some really fun, funky and colorful breast pads from places like Etsy. 

Breast Pumps
For any breastfeeding mom who anticipates ever being away from her little vampire for more than an hour or two, a breast pump is a necessity.  It allows a mother to pump milk into bottles for the caregiver to use at times when the real thing isn’t available.  These are also great for situations when mom has to have a medical procedure or take short term medication that should not be fed to baby.

You can put together a small gift basket filled with these items to help get a new mother started off right.  You can even buy a special nursing cover that covers mom and baby for nursing in public.