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Onesies: The Gift Not to Give

"who doesn’t want to give a gift that is both cute and practical?"

Ahh, the onesie, quite possibly one of the world’s greatest inventions when it comes to newborn apparel.  Comfortable, form-fitting and oh-so-versatile, baby onesies are a mainstay of every newborn diaper bag.  Which is precisely why, as a gift giver, you should avoid them like the plague. Yes, they are incredibly practical, come in cute colors and patterns, and seem to make a perfect gift.  If you think so, everyone else probably does too.

If you have ever had a baby, you have more than likely found yourself in a onesie predicament.  Everyone and their dog loves to give onesies as gifts, and soon little junior has more onesies than even the most spit up-riddle child can possibly go through in a single washing cycle.  With both of our kids, we had onesies still in the package because we just couldn’t go through as many as we were given.I am certain givers of onesies have excellent intentions – who doesn’t want to give a gift that is both cute and practical?  The reality is, there are plenty of other necessary baby items that probably are not on everyone’s list to buy.

If you are struggling to find the perfect new baby gift that will be original and helpful, consider some other options first.  Baby slings are all the rage these days, so why not pick one of those up?  If your budget is a little lower, baby socks are always in demand.  Washing machines love baby socks and gobble them up like the tasty little tidbits they are.  If you are still short on ideas, head on over to Amazon and browse through the top selling, top wish list items in Baby to get some really great ideas that actually have a chance of getting used.