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Baby Shower Games

Games are a great way to have fun at a baby shower. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling: Guess the Goo - Have jars of baby food and juices on hand. Take the labels off and number the jar. Write the food or drink information down corresponding the number to the jar. Have each guests try or smell the jar. Have them write down their guess. Those who match the kind of food or drink to the jar wins the game. Create-a-Baby - Each guest is given a magazine, scissors, paper and glue. This idea is to clip baby parts from photos in the magazine to come up with a composite baby. Guests can then vote on which new baby they think looks most like the parents. Mind the Baby - This game is a variation to Memory. You'll need baby items (no more than 10 or 15) placed onto a tray and covered with a small blanket. Uncover the blanket for two minutes, allowing the guests to see the items. Recover the tray and have each guest write down what they remember seeing on it. Remember to place a time limit on this game. The guest who remembers the most baby items wins. Bottle Chugging - Give each guest a baby bottle filled with a drink of their preference. The guest who finishes all of her bottle first is the winner. (This isn't as easy as it sounds.) Baby Bingo - You can buy fun Baby Bingo cards from online retailers such as Babies First Choice. If you are stuck for time or resources to put together fun games for your next baby shower, Babies First Choice also have a handy book of baby games, with ten popular, fun games to be played with up to twelve guests. At under $3 this book is an affordable gift to bring to any baby shower.