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Gender Cake Parties

Have you heard about the new baby craze sweeping the nation? It’s not a new binky, or an animal of the year, or a tickle-me toy; it’s a baby gender cake. Baby gender cakes announce the baby’s gender to the whole family—even to the parents to be themselves—by having a baker see the baby’s gender before she does, then announcing whether it’s a boy or girl on a cake.

The ultrasound technician puts the results in an envelope, which the new parent(s) deliver to the bakery. Then they still don’t know the sex until the cake is picked up or, in more cases, opened during a party.

I don’t know about you, but this is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. When we discovered our baby’s gender, I remember it being an intimate, exciting day; I had tears streaming down my face and I was glad it was just my husband, then-boyfriend, with me (as well as the ultrasound technician, of course). It was a lovely moment just between the two (okay, three) of us that I will always cherish and remember—and I know it wasn’t just special to me, either.

You see, just two months ago, I had to have another ultrasound to make sure I was okay. I was bleeding so much I was becoming anemic and we had no idea why; we still don’t. Thankfully, the ultrasound was normal, though, and while I was getting it done, I had a friendly chat with the technician, who seemed very familiar.

When I told her about how during my baby’s ultrasound, five years ago, the tech had typed in “THINK PINK” across the screen to tell us it was a girl. (I’m not a fan of the pink/boy gender stereotype at all, but it was still a pretty darn sweet moment.) She stopped everything she was doing and said, “Was it at this hospital?” When I said yes, she told me that it was her who had done the ultrasound.

Then we emotionally got to talking about my daughter’s birth story, how she was born 3,000 miles from home, how she was premature and I had preeclamsia and how we’d both nearly died, and she just had to meet her of course. So after all of that, she came out and met my little Wood Sprite, and the moment we’d had years ago was built upon by this new one, with my daughter present, us all having come full circle. And she got a kick out of my kiddo, of course, who was decked out in her taekwondo uniform.

The addition of a cake wouldn’t have improved the moment. In fact, I think it would have trivialized it instead. If people need to have cakes, fine; you might want to see about getting one for the new mommy and daddy in your life. But overall, I think the gift would be to see the baby on the screen and connect with him or her right then and there, rather than over sugar and kiddie cocktails.