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Gifts for Baby New Year

Even if he doesn’t have giant ears, a cool top hat, or the amazing ability to crawl immediately following birth like Rudolph’s friend, every baby New Year deserves some cool gear. If your friend or loved one just had a baby, you might want to get the little decade-starter one of these presents.

Time Capsule: The best thing about making a time capsule for a new baby is that it can double as a baby book. Decorate the outside of the box to correspond with Baby’s bedroom—see if you can sneak a peek and then purchase a bit of the same wallpaper border or paint color—and include plenty of room for Mom and Dad to add things throughout the year. Include newspaper clippings (particularly from the day Baby was born), a diaper the size Baby wore when he was born, photos, and anything else to commemorate the year. You might also want to include a notebook for Baby’s parents to record important events; start it off with things like the price of milk, a movie ticket, a gallon of gas—plus info about the president, town events, and anything special happening.

A Large Outfit: This sounds silly, but it’s actually a cool idea: Get Baby an outfit that he or she is sure to fit into at age 18 (maybe an adult, one-size-fits-all nightshirt, swimsuit, t-shirt, etc.). Make it fun but appropriate—no half-naked women splayed across cars, of course! Every year, Mom and Dad can take a picture of Baby in the shirt or outfit and visually record how much bigger he or she grows.

A Camera Memory Card—or Several: If you’re ambitious, you can provide Mom and Dad with enough memory for the whole decade! That said, one would surely be much appreciated.

A Ten-Photo Frame: These are often school-themed for each grade, but they can be purchased with plain borders as well. Feel free to decorate it if you’re crafty; Mom and Dad can fill it up with plenty of photos of Baby, and as he or she ages a new one can be added each year to create a ten-year display.

A Voice Recorder: Ten years from now, Mom and Dad will wish they could remember how Baby sounded ga-ga-ing every morning from his crib; you can ensure that they have the memory stored forever. If you’re more ambitious, go for a video camera for an added visual element.