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Baby Gifts Worth Spending Money On

Baby showers are a great way to help any new mom get off to a good start at welcoming their bundle of joy to the world. Classic baby gifts like onsies, rattles, blankets and stuffed animals are sweet and thoughtful but can leave the soon to be mom unprepared. Instead of the classics that everyone else always seems to show up with, try to think of things that could be needed at the most inconvenient times like in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning before even coffee shops are open.
For about $50 you can get mom and baby a bulk supply of diapers and wipes from Costco or bulk stores of the like. While you're there, why not pick them up their own membership so they can also have the ease of the bulk baby products. Having the ability to buy in bulk will reduce the amount of hectic trips to the store on limited sleep for the basics.
Another group of items that soon to be moms are grateful for and most will make a habit to always keep on hand at all times is infant medicines. Infant Tylenol, Baby Motrin, Mylicon Drops and Baby Orajel. Pick up an easy to use infant thermometer to go with the medicine. You can find thermometers that are exactly like pacifiers and are easy to read and use. Colds and teething don't exactly come on a specific schedule and new mom's won't always think ahead for those stressful times.
Treating colic babies can be a challenge. In addition to the Mylicone Drops a warm soothing bath can sometimes calm and relax the newborn. Give the soon to be mom a bath set for baby. Great aroma therapy bubble bath like lavender with oatmeal works wonders for both mom and baby. To go with the baby bath you can add the lavender and oatmeal lotion. A nice massage after a bath will help to finally put baby to sleep. The calming effects of the lavender will also help mom to wind down for some shut eye.
Every baby has to eat. Even if mom is planning on nursing, that doesn't mean that baby will never have or need a bottle. Pick up some bottles with either formula or breast milk in mind. There are some great bottle sets out there that come with sterile inserts. The inserts are made to work with breast pumps so mom has the option of freezing, refrigerating or using immediately. 
Bottle sets always come with nipples to use but as all moms know, they can get easily lost or ruined. Throwing in an extra pack or two is always a good idea and will be appreciated. For those that will not be using inserts, a good bottle and nipple brush are great additions too. All you need now for this gift set is a fashionable bottle dry rack. Even if it doesn't look cute, most of them fold down for easy storage when not being used. Anything that is going to be of good use, is easy to keep clean and a snap to put out of sight is a must have for any mom.
Getting gifts or gift bags for the mom to be does not mean that you have to leave all the cute baby outfits and toys behind. That decision solely relies on  you and  how much you want to spend. Keep in mind that when it comes to clothes, babies grow out of them fast and mom will more likely than not have enough outfits to dress a small orphanage. Baby may not even get the opportunity to wear that outfit you just couldn't resist. Going with the essentials you know that your gift will be appreciated, well used and it wasn't a waste of your money.