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Baby-Friendly Bathing Gear

Every new parent wants what’s best for his or her new bundle of joy. From safety latches to outlet covers, baby monitors to toy size-checkers, most parents don’t find any investment too costly when it comes to protecting their children.

That’s why it’s so important to protect kids while bathing. Not only can babies be scalded by the water, they can also slip and drown. Then there’s the shampoo and washing products themselves, which claim to be so kid-friendly and “tear-free,” though, as their ingredients have been found to cause health problems like hormone disruptions and cancer, they must cause tears in the long run, right?

Help out the new parents in your life in doing their new number one priority—protecting their baby—by giving the gift of bath safety. Here are a few products you may want to invest in.

Bath Thermometer: This will help mom or dad check the water’s temperature and make sure it’s safe to bathe baby in. They make really cute, kid-friendly ones, like ducks that change color if the water is too hot.

Baby Bathtub: Be sure that it’s got a head support for baby’s first baths. They make adjustable ones to grow with baby as well. Some even have built-in thermometers, so you can skip the item listed above.

Soft Washcloths: These always come in handy! They usually make really soft ones for babies. Buy organic if you want to go for a low-eco impact.

Hooded Towels: Sliding a hooded towel over baby helps keep him or her nice and warm following a bath, since most of his or her heat will escape through his precious little noggin. As a bonus, these come in a variety of cute designs—including animal designs that give baby “ears” or other features.

Safe Shampoo and Such:  The FDA doesn’t require personal care products to be tested for safety, so you’ll have to use your own judgment in weighing the pros and cons of ingredients. 80% of products labeled “gentle” actually have harmful ingredients in them, and 35% labeled “natural” still have artificial chemicals or preserves in them.

Many of the products that people have purchased that were marketed for babies—such as Disney, Huggies, L’oreal, Johnson’s and others—are full of cancer-causing chemicals. Rather than buying what’s cute, aim for what’s fragrance-free. You can also search the EWG Skin Deep database to find products by safety rating. Some brands you might wnt to try include Aubrey Organics, Aromababy Naturals, and California Baby.