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New Baby Names

Could you give someone a gift of a name for their new baby?  I can't think of anything more amazing.  Many babies are named after family and friends, or other inspirational figures in the parent's lives.  (I'll try not to be too judgmental of all of those new parents with babies named 'Britney' or 'Paris'.)   Some other well prepared parents spend hours poring over baby name websites and books, and have the baby's name chosen well in advance of the birth.  
However, many parents leave choosing the baby's name until after the child is born,  hoping to be able to literally put a name to the face.  So why not give them a helping hand by doing some baby name research of your own?  Naming a baby is a hugely sentimental and significant thing, and if you are privileged enough for the parents to select one of the names from your shortlist you will be filled with your own pride and joy.
Sites such as Quick Baby Names offer lists of almost every baby name under the sun, along with some helpful tools and tips on choosing just the right one for the new arrival.  You can search names by gender, meaning or by the overall impression that a name gives.  This type of search also reveals some interesting and beautiful names that you might not have heard of. For example,  searching for names that are associated with 'kindness'  gives the French name 'Calina' which is derived from the word 'celeste', meaning 'heavenly.
The page for each name gives you a huge amount of information, including popularity - great if you don't want your child to be one of the twenty Emma's in her class!