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Baby Fart Aerobics

Don't worry - it's not the latest title for the Wii!  It is actually the name of a DVD which outlines techniques to relieve colic and help your baby to pass gas. Often a humorous topic for kids and teenagers, and an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition for adults, trapped gas can cause painful colic in babies. Colic can prevent your baby from sleeping or eating well and invariably is accompanied by crying which can last until the gas is expelled, either through burping or passing wind.  Unfortunately, this crying often makes the problem worse, as baby swallows air while he cries and causes himself general stress. Baby Fart Aerobics is created by Jini Patel Thompson, an world reknowned expert in digestive problems, who developed the program to help her own child's chronic colic problem. These exercises consist of tried and tested baby massage methods to help relax and loosen your baby's bowel to relieve trapped gas.  These excersises are also useful for relieving constipation. Despite the rather jiggy illustration, the exercises in the video are not actually aerobic (no dancing around with baby to jolt the gas free), but rather show a mother using massage techniques on her young daughter to help relieve symptoms and encourage the baby to pass gas. Jini also goes through some techniques to improve burping, helping to release more trapped air after a feeding and reduce the amount of gas which passes into the intestines. Simple to perform, your baby will love the attention from this ‘workout', not to mention feel much better for all of that farting!