What a Cutie Pie New Baby Gift Basket for Boys or Girls

What a Cutie Pie New Baby Gift Basket for Boys or Girls

The What a Cutie Pie gift set is an easy choice for a baby shower gift, but I think gifts like these are best for those you don’t really know well.  They tend to be a little bit impersonal and, while the contents are very cute and neatly arranged, they are not exactly the most practical gifts.

What I like about this particular set is that you can choose from three colors – boy, girl or neutral, and they really are adorable.  The bear can be a nice snuggly for a newer baby who wants something to hold onto, and the washcloths will certainly come in handy.

I like that the clothes are sized three to six months, because most gifts are for newborns who grow fast and don’t really need that many clothes.  This set can be used for longer, and like the description says, the wicker basket can come in handy for storing small necessities.  We used one similar to that on the back of the toilet for all of baby’s washcloths, hair accessories and other small items.

One nice thing about getting this from Amazon is that you can ship directly to your recipient, and this is just the type of gift that is well suited to being sent to a distant friend or loved one.

Though it has just one rating, this gift set appears to be a quality set and the one reviewer has purchased multiple sets to give as gifts.  As far as pre-arranged gift sets go, I think this is a good buy at $32.99.