Fisher Price Rainforest Swing

Fisher Price Rainforest Swing

When you have a young baby, they often want to be held or rocked most of the time. This can be exhausting for new parents and is simply impractical.  Try going to the bathroom while holding an infant – it just doesn’t work out!  Thankfully, some savvy person invented baby swings, and Fisher Price has pretty much perfected it with this Rainforest swing. 

This is the only swing we own, and boy is it a lifesaver.  While most swings rock baby back and forth, which will work but is not how they move in the womb, this swing also turns so baby can be rocked side to side.  This is more like how they move in the womb when Mom walks, so it is more comforting for some babies.

The mobile moves too, so babies who are starting to take notice of the world can have hours of entertainment by watching the colorful critters move over their heads.

Perhaps the best feature of this swing is the fact that it will run on both batteries and an AC adapter.  No more wasted batteries when it sits in the same place, but you still have the option of portability because it also takes batteries.

My only complaint with this swing is that the volume is incredibly loud, even on the quiet setting.  This can be remedied by placing a cloth over the speaker, but is something that could have been done right when it was manufactured.

Though it is kind of pricey at $105, it is priceless when it rocks your baby to sleep after a long night, and the freedom it gives is well worth the expense.