The Bumbo

The Bumbo

Quite the Invaluable Gift

The Bumbo is has become quite popular over the last several years, as it is invaluable.  It is extremely useful and can serve many purposes for the new baby.  Of course, you cannot use it until once the baby can keep its head up; however, it comes in handy until the baby figures out how to wedge their self out. 

I personally used the Bumbo a lot for feeding my babies rice cereal or baby food before they were big enough to sit upright in a high chair on their own. It can however also be used as a play seat. It comes with a tray, which easily attaches to the seat, so you can sit your baby inside with toys or teethers in order to keep them busy for a little while. 

This seat is also a great way to get the baby used to sitting upright and preparing their muscles for such a task.  Most people who use the Bumbo agree that it has helped their babies to master sitting on their own and come to enjoy being upright as young infants.

It comes in a variety of colors, such as pink, blue, yellow and green.  I always advise getting a gender neutral color unless the parents want blue or pink.  As I have stated in previous posts, the parents may want something they can use over and over no matter what the gender of their baby is.

Once the baby is mobile, they will probably figure out how to get out of the Bumbo on their own.  My daughter did this a 9 months and my son did at 5, but all babies are different.  Despite what the critics say, it is a reasonably priced gift and I am a firm believer that all new parents should have a Bumbo for their baby, so do them a favor and go and buy them one if they did not already get one.