Babies don’t need perfume

Babies don’t need perfume

And those who buy it for them should be… covered in spit-up.

I read that not only is Dolce & Gabbana manufacturing a new perfume for babies (unisex so all babies can be covered in the chemicals!), but apparently lots of perfume manufacturers already make these perfumes as well. Along with a bunch of designers I’ve never heard, of, Johnson & Johnson are also apparently making baby perfume. (I’m guessing this is separate from their normal perfumes, which I used to wear as a teen.)

Do I even have to state how wrong this is? I am wondering if this is a by-product of all of this Honey Boo Boo nightmare stuff on TLC (why is it called that, again? I haven’t learned anything from the network in years—except maybe the fact that I want to bleach my eyes after accidently seeing it). Since when do babies need to smell like perfume—and since when did parents buy chemicals to pour on their babies?

I’m just sickened by this. Talk about not giving your kids a choice. It’s not bad enough that parents are piercing ears before a kid can utter goo-goo, ga-ga; now they’re spraying them down with perfume before they can even crawl away in haste.

Babies smell awesome the way they are. Just ask Claire from Modern Family.