Are Your Friends Confused About What to Name Their Child?

Are Your Friends Confused About What to Name Their Child?

Surprise Them with One of These Books

A lot of the time, parents decide not to name the baby until after they have it. So why not contribute and help out a bit by getting them one of the best baby name books for their shower? Here are some of the top choices to consider:

The Baby Name Wizard

This book is unique in that it tracks how a name has ranked over the years and also shows the usual things expected – host of meanings, origin, etc. This book has a quick chart that gives a quick view of where the name has been.

Beyond Ava  & Aiden

This is one of those highly addictive books that you can’t help but read and have fun doing it. It’s a good source for anyone who is trying to choose a name for a baby without going through those long, drawn out lists of names, meanings, origins, and the lot of details. This book has lists and characteristics to help you pick out the name for your baby.

Puffy, Xena, Quentin, Uma

This book is pretty hip for baby names if you ask writer, Joal Ryan. This baby name book has names for the stars and also tips on giving a less than usual name to your child. This also tells you comically, how to deal with the birth certificate registrar who then stares at you as though you’re mad for choosing that name.

Baby Names Now

Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz are at it again making a baby book that goes beyond just typical naming. It has great stories and awesome lists that has humor and sarcasm embedded into it as well.

15,000 Baby Names

There are also those overly traditional and just want to stick to straightforward baby name books and this one is great for those types of people. This book is compiled with thousand of choices in an easy-to-read format.